13 landmarks in Zagreb you must visit

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Would you like to explore the landmarks of Zagreb, but you are not sure what the most interesting attractions are? Would you like to know what secrets the city of Zagreb hides and why it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year? Are you looking for a detailed guide of the city's best attractions?

The city of Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, but also a place with a rich history. A number of landmarks and events available throughout the year constitute the reason why Zagreb is one of the most visited cities on the tourist map of beautiful Croatia.

If you would like to explore all the landmarks of the city of Zagreb, you will need to explore for a few days. In order to make it easier and more effective to explore Zagreb, you can find a place to rest in the beautifully decorated International Business Hotel, which will make sure your stay in Zagreb remains unforgettable.

In order to make it easier for you to explore the landmarks of Zagreb, we have prepared a list of the top 13 best landmarks to visit. So, we hope you enjoy exploring the following landmarks:

Ban Jelačić Square

Ban Jelačić Square is the central place of the city of Zagreb, full of life and interesting stories. This square is one of the most popular gathering places and landmarks of Zagreb, and there are plenty of cafes and shops, so you will be able to enjoy the variety of what it has to offer. We would like to point out that different events are held on the square regularly, so interesting content can be found throughout the year.

St. Mark's Church

St. Mark's Church is one of the most famous churches in Croatia because of the specific appearance of its roof. On the colorful roof, there are two large coats of arms: the coat of arms of the city of Zagreb (in red) and the coat of arms of the Tripartite Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia. This architectural attraction and landmark is also one of the oldest architectural monuments in the city, as well as the oldest parish church in Zagreb.

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Zagreb Cathedral

The Zagreb Cathedral falls within the category of the most famous landmarks of the city of Zagreb, and its towers soar over 100 meters into the air. The cathedral has had a recognizable role since ancient times, and its splendor shows that Zagreb was an extremely important Middle Eastern city. The peculiarity of the cathedral is two rather high bell towers, while its style of construction shows that it is a monumental neo-Gothic cathedral.


In the past, the funicular played an important role in the lives of the residents of Zagreb, and today it is one of the most significant landmarks in which many tourists like to go for a ride. The idea of the funicular was to connect the Lower and Upper Town with a 66 m track only – which the shortest funicular railway line in the world.

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Maksimir Park

Maksimir Park is the oldest park in Croatia, and it is an important landmark as the habitat of a number of plant and animal species. A walk through the beautiful parkways and pavilions will have a relaxing effect on you and give you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, far away from the city crowds. Within the park, there is a zoo especially loved by children, as they get to feed seals, otters and sea lions.


Zrinjevac is another gorgeous square of the city of Zagreb. Its official name is Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square, and its peculiarity is its beautiful landscaped park, which is definitely worth a visit. This square is the center of many events, and so it offers you the possibility to enjoy different entertaining, educational and cultural contents during all parts of the year.

Stone Gate

The Stone Gate is the only existing city gate, and it was a part of the Gradec defense system. It was built in the 13th century and it played an important role in the defense of Gradec. It should be noted that it took the form it has today in the 18th century when it was restored, but the stories we associate with its history are very interesting.

Croatian National Theater

The Croatian National Theater has had an extremely important role in the cultural life of the city of Zagreb through its history. Although the theater started working in 1860, the theater building as we today know it was built in 1895. The theater was built in the neo-Baroque style and is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city of Zagreb.

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Medvednica is a mountain located not far from the city of Zagreb, and for many, it is the perfect place for an escape from the city crowds. If you long for recreation and fresh air, be sure to head to the slopes of this interesting mountain. Medvednica abounds in different plant and animal species, but also in many historical stories, so everyone has the opportunity to explore it in their own unique way.

Jarun Lake

Jarun Lake is the favorite gathering place for professional and recreational athletes, as it offers various contents for people fond of sporting activities. In the summer months, this beautiful lake serves for refreshment and relaxation on arranged beaches. When the sun hides its rays a little bit, runners, bikers and everyone else looking for quality recreation appear by the lake.

Dolac Market

Dolac Market is the place where you will find homemade food and products cultivated locally all over Croatia. If you are looking for locally grown fruits and vegetables, fish, meat or unique homemade products, be sure to head to Dolac. The market opens its doors early in the morning, and throughout the day, many locals and tourists in search of high-quality homemade delicacies can be seen there.

Mimara Museum

The Mimara Museum is a remarkably valuable cultural center of the city of Zagreb, as it houses extremely valuable pieces of art. Ante Topić Mimara, who managed to gather artworks by highly acclaimed artists, played a major role in the development of this museum. If you are in Zagreb, be sure to explore all the beauties hidden in the Mimara Museum.

Grič Tunnel

Grič Tunnel was designed to protect the population from dangerous attacks during World War II. Although its primary purpose was not fully achieved, it has been renewed in recent years, and today it is an extremely attractive location hosting many events. For instance, a number of fashion events, musical performances, and various other attractive manifestations are held in the Grič Tunnel.


The city of Zagreb abounds in a number of landmarks and attractions, and we have listed only a few parts of its rich history. The tourist offer in Zagreb is on an exceptionally high level throughout the year – there are various music festivals, the best advent in Europe, ski cup races, food festivals, etc. Therefore, there isn't a single week of the year when Zagreb does not offer lots of fun content for its visitors.

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