Local food you must try during your stay in Zagreb

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Croatia is one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to its gastronomic offer. Its favorable geographical position offers a great and interesting variety of cuisines.

The Zagreb gastro scene is getting richer from day to day, and it is full of modern and traditional restaurants offering plenty of delicious dishes.

Below we offer you a list of a few traditional dishes you must try during your stay in Zagreb.


Croatia is known for its excellent-quality meat, which comes to light best on the barbecue. Most guests visiting Zagreb want to try grill meats such as the traditional čevapčići, ražnjići or pljeskavice stuffed with kajmak. They are most often served in a traditional pita bread with onions and ajvar, also a traditional and a very popular condiment. Many Zagreb restaurants offer excellent barbecue, which you and your business associates will definitely enjoy.


A traditional specialty, a dish made from pulled dough, filled with cheese or some other filling. They are most often sweet or salty, cooked or baked. In Zagreb, you will be able to try štrukli in most traditional restaurants, prepared in different ways and with various fillings and flavors. We would like to recommend you our favorite ones, the traditional štrukli with cheese.


Another very popular dish is made from puff pastry and stuffed with meat, apples, vegetables or cheese. Most often, it is prepared in a round pan, and in Zagreb the most delicious ones can be found in bakeries and restaurants offering traditional cuisine. We recommend you to try all types, both the salty and the sweet ones. Of course, don't forget the accompanying yogurt!

Olive oil

In Zagreb, home-made olive oil is used with most dishes. In addition to giving the dishes an irresistible taste and aroma, olive oil is also very healthy. Olive oil is obtained by pressing and filtering fresh olives, while maximally preserving the content of beneficial ingredients. It can be tried out at most restaurants in Zagreb. We recommend you to buy some as a souvenir or a gift, which will surely delight your business associates.

Home-made wine

The cultivation of grapevines and the production of smooth and selected wines is a centuries-old tradition of Croatian winemakers. There are more than 300 wine-producing regions in Croatia. Given the fact that wine exports are still underdeveloped, you will be able to enjoy the best ones only once you arrive to Zagreb. In Zagreb, wines are traditionally drunk at lunch or dinner, so you will be able to enjoy this tradition in every restaurant.

Tesla restoran IBH 1

Tesla restaurant

A must-visit spot when it comes to top-quality and always fresh food and ingredients is located in our International Business Hotel. In the cozy atmosphere of the Tesla restaurant you will have the opportunity to enjoy the appealing menu our chefs have prepared for you. If you are a fan of fine dining, our restaurant will definitely delight you. We make sure there are always fresh ingredients from the continental and coastal regions of Croatia on you plate - ingredients that are always prepared according to tested and delicious recipes of our chef. Our wine list contains a variety of local and foreign wines, and it is up to you to choose what suits your taste best.

Whatever dish you choose to try during your visit to Zagreb, we are certain you will not go wrong. When you arrive at our hotel, we will give you suggestions and ideas as to the most popular destinations and the most interesting places you must visit.

We are looking forward to your visit!