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Following strenuous meetings and lectures, it is time to relax a little bit. We have made a list of interesting museums you should definitely visit during your stay in Zagreb. Take a walk through Zagreb and visit the most interesting museums you are sure to enjoy.

Museum of Illusions

Over 70 exhibits at the world-renowned Museum of Illusions in Zagreb will surely make you rub your eyes in disbelief. Its fun illusions will teach you more about perception, the brain, vision and how the eyes see things the brain does not understand.

Resist gravity in the slanted room, experience people shrinking before your eyes or get lost in the infinity of the mirror room. The Museum of Illusions will completely delight you, teach you some new things, surprise you, serve you someone's head on a tray, and make you climb up to the ceiling and take pictures in the upside room!

Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is dedicated to failed love relationships. It features personal items and tokens left following the end of relationships, accompanied by brief descriptions of events. The European Museum Forum has given it the prestigious award for the most innovative museum in Europe at its awards ceremony.

Instead of different comforting tips on how to recover from a failed love relationship, the museum provides everyone with an opportunity to get over a breakup in a creative way – by donating to the museum's collection. In addition, a restaurant with the same name, which offers you the possibility to enjoy traditional delicacies, has been opened within the museum.

The exhibits are in Croatian and English, while translations into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese are available on request at the museum desk. The museum has also got a new permanent location in Los Angeles. In this innovative museum, fun is guaranteed!

Museum of broken relationships d rostuhar

Zagreb 80's Museum

The museum is located in the historic core of Zagreb, in Radićeva Street, on the first floor of an old building, whose windows offer a unique view surrounded by the city's most famous landmarks.

The Zagreb 80's Museum is a reconstruction of everyday life of Zagreb families in the 80's, and it presents their way of life, memories and emotions in a unique way. The exhibits will take you back to that lively decade in a fun and communicative way.

All visitors are guaranteed to enjoy a unique experience of Zagreb in this museum that will instantly bring you to back the golden age of the 80's.

We are sure that these museums will appeal to you and make you laugh. Let us know your impressions if you decide to visit them during your stay in Zagreb. If museums are not your cup of tea, our blog offers many different ideas regarding the landmarks in Zagreb, which you can read here.