The best souvenirs to bring home from Zagreb

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We all want to bring home interesting souvenirs from our trips as mementos of the great time we had. Of course, we also bring gifts to those who have not traveled with us, in order to let them know that we missed them during our trip or hint them that Zagreb should be the next place for them to visit!

Zagreb proudly displays many traditional souvenirs that you will definitely be happy to bring to your loved ones. Please find a list of the most beautiful Zagreb souvenirs below.


Did you know that ties originate from Croatia?

During the Thirty Years' War in Europe, Croatian soldiers reached as far as Paris acting under the leadership of their bans.

It is interesting that the Croats, as part of their traditional uniform, tied colorful scarves around their necks in their own unique way. It is believed that soldiers wore those scarves in order for them to be more recognizable on the battlefield. That interesting Croatian style won over the picky Parisians during the time of Louis XIV, and so they adopted that new fashion item, worn à la Croate (in the Croatian way). That term soon evolved into a new French word cravate.

So that's how ties entered the civilian fashion of the time as a sign of culture and elegance, only to win over entire Europe, and nowadays even the entire world.

Nowadays, ties are an indispensable fashion detail for all men and are also worn by women as a part of modern business outfits.

Licitar hearts

Red licitar hearts are one of the most recognizable symbols of Zagreb. Handmade and beautifully decorated, they send a very simple message of love. The secret of how they are made has been kept since ancient times among family craftsmen medičari from the central and lowland Croatia.

They can be purchased as edible cookies or heart-shaped pendants. The traditional licitar heart is bright red, and it is produced in different shapes and sizes. Your loved ones will definitely love this interesting heart, included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. You can find them in souvenir shops across Zagreb.

The custom of giving a licitar heart as a gift, used by young men to show their affection and love for young women, is deeply rooted in Croatian traditional culture. We are certain everyone would be delighted by this little token of attention.

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Šestine umbrella

It dates back to the mid-18th century and is a part of the Šestine folk costumes, as well as a recognizable souvenir from the city of Zagreb. The Šestine umbrella is a recognizable city souvenir, characterized by a red cotton cloth with colorful stripes, a thick wooden stick and a naturally bent chestnut handle.

Its uniqueness is confirmed by the label of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce 'Originally Croatian', and it is also included on the list of protected intangible cultural assets of Croatia. When dark clouds and rain descend upon Zagreb, its bright red brightens the city streets. You can always see a bunch of them at the famous Dolac City Market, in the very heart of Zagreb. Regardless of the weather, they offer the best protection the sun and the rain to Zagreb's market vendor ladies. The image of impressive red umbrellas has traveled all around world.

Gray rainy days will definitely be brighter with these cheerful red umbrellas, and you will also get a unique and lasting memento of your stay in Zagreb.