Double Deluxe Room

Would you like to take a rest before having important business meetings in a luxuriously equipped double room?

Within the International Business Hotel, you will find designer-created and luxuriously equipped Double Deluxe Rooms. These rooms will provide you with an ideal balance between comfort and elegance.

The Double Deluxe Room consists of an elegantly decorated bedroom and anteroom. Equipped with designer furnishings and state-of-the-art technological solutions, this room will provide a perfect vacation, and you will be ready to meet the upcoming business challenges.

More about the Hotel

Business Activities

The International Business Hotel offers a handful of facilities for business guests. Among other things, it allows you to hold meetings and business events in the hotel itself.


A large meeting room, Medvedgrad, is available if you wish to organize a smaller event of up to 14 invitees. For private meetings with business partners and clients within the International Business Hotel you can use one smaller meeting room.


In the hotel, you will find the Tesla Restaurant. Superior Chefs have prepared an exciting menu for you, full of Croatian cuisine delicacies. Those who enjoy a tasty meal will be able to experience a mix of traditional and modern dishes.

Modern technology

The hotel is equipped with a high-quality internet connection, and free Wi-Fi is available in every corner of the hotel. Regardless where you are in the hotel, you can handle your daily business tasks.

Viceroy Lounge Bar IBH 2
Relaxing after meetings

After completing your business meetings, you will be ready for enjoyment and relaxation. At the Viceroy Lounge, you can find high-quality drinks from various world destinations and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and music.

A variety of content and services will make your stay at the hotel unforgettable. Sports lovers can use the modern fitness room free of charge to stay in top shape during their stay in Zagreb.

The smart room system makes your hotel stay easier, and you also have numerous television programs at your disposal. Electric car enthusiasts do not have to worry about charging their vehicles because chargers are available in the underground hotel garage.