Large meeting room Medvedgrad

Do you need a large meeting room where you can hold a seminar or lecture?

If you want to hold a seminar or a meeting, you will need a room of the appropriate size and with appropriate equipment. Finding a suitable space can be a problem, especially in a city such as Zagreb. If you want to have a seminar or a meeting in Zagreb, the ideal solution for you is the large meeting room Medvedgrad.

The International Business Hotel in Zagreb has a modernly equipped room where you can have a successful meeting or a seminar. The room can accommodate up to 14 people, with an elegant environment and advanced technology. We also offer a quality restaurant and café that your visitors can use during breaks.

Why choose the large meeting room Medvedgrad?

  • capacity of up to 14 people
  • secured free wireless internet
  • use of cafés at the break time
  • equipped with modern technology
  • luxury meeting room environment
  • possibility of organizing lunches and dinners

Elegant environment for the organisation of meetings

The large meeting room Medvedgrad is a part of the luxuriously equipped International Business Hotel Zagreb and is the perfect location for organizing meetings.
Show attendees and associates how much you believe in your ideas and welcome them in a modernly equipped meeting room. Hold a top class lecture and take a new step in your career.


Modern technology at every step

Medvedgrad hall has a state-of-the-art audio-video equipment that will ensure an uninhibited course of a seminar or meeting. Delight all gathered participants with your educational presentations and show them how valuable you are.
All hotel guests have free high-speed Wi-Fi internet access available in every corner of the hotel.


Coffee and lunch relaxation

To keep the seminar’s attendees or associates focused, it is important to have a short break from time to time. During the breaks, guests may visit the modernly equipped café and enjoy a drink or a quick meal (e.g. burger, club sandwich).
If a longer and more elaborate lunch break is desired, this, too, is a possibility. Within the hotel there is the Tesla Restaurant that will delight your guests with excellent dishes.

Do you need a hall for seminars and meetings?

In case you are looking for a modern meeting hall in Zagreb - an excellent solution for you is in the International Business Hotel. The large meeting room Medvedgrad offers plenty of opportunities and modern equipment to make your meetings impressive for both visitors and clients.
Book the Medvedgrad meeting room today and organize an unforgettable seminar or meeting which will impress everyone present.

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