Do you want to enjoy excellent dishes of Croatian cuisine in the luxurious ambience of the Zagreb hotel?

The Tesla Restaurant’s chefs have prepared an enticing menu for you to enjoy traditional dishes from all over Croatia, prepared in a modern way.
If you are a fan of the top gastronomy, our Restaurant will delight you. We made sure that you always have fresh groceries from the continental and coastal parts of Croatia on your plate. They are prepared according to the tasty and delicious recipes of our Chef.
As a confirmation of quality and culinary proficiency, we offer you a chef’s table at the Restaurant, where you can observe our chefs preparing meals for you.

Why is Tesla Restaurant a smart choice?

  • always fresh ingredients
  • the best aperitifs and digestives
  • pleasant ambience
  • chef's table
  • top dishes of the Croatian cuisine
  • quality domestic and foreign wines
  • professional chefs and waiters
  • the ability to use the VIP room
Top Dishes

A taste of magic on your plate

Our chefs have decided to bring the Croatian cuisine closer to the guests in a peculiar way. Traditional dishes of Croatian cuisine have been combined with a modern form of preparing food. This fusion creates a wonderful taste.
Whether you want to taste dishes from the continental part of Croatia or you are more interested in fish and seafood dishes - your gastronomic curiosity will be fulfilled.

Chef's Table

A look at the chef’s masterpieces

In most restaurants, the chef's table is a privilege, reserved only for close friends of the head chef. But we have taken a step further and decided to bring our chef’s cooking skills closer to our guests.
Gastronomy fans can book the chef’s table and enjoy the opportunity to experience everything that goes on behind closed doors of professional kitchen. You can keep track of how your meal is made and rest assued that the dishes you are served are the finest delicacies.

Wine List

Quality domestic and global wines

With top-of-the-line meal, it is always essential to choose a quality wine. Our wine list is rich with local and foreign wines, and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your taste.
Quality and carefully selected wine will further emphasize the harmonious flavors of the dishes and provide even more pleasure and satisfaction of your refined tastes. With top quality wines, we have also prepared high-quality aperitifs and digestives.


Luxuriously decorated interior

The interior of the Tesla Restaurant is thoughtfully designed to make your visit to the Restaurant as comfortable as possible. The design is in line with other parts of the International Business Hotel, with an emphasis on elegance and luxury. If you want to enjoy the top dishes in the Restaurant, be sure to explore the quality of accommodation at the hotel.


Usage of VIP rooms for meetings

The VIP room is a separate bar room where you can enjoy a more private ambience. This room is intended for anyone planning to hold lunch or dinner with their business partners or clients, but also for anyone looking for a more intimate environment within the International Business Hotel.
The privacy and quiet environment are two qualities thanks to which the VIP room is a desirable choice for many business people.

Are you ready to taste the best Croatian dishes?

The Tesla Restaurant is open to our guests every day and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you would like to become a guest of our hotel, book one of the hotel rooms. Single and Double Rooms The International Business Hotel is the solution for anyone looking for a luxurious vacation location in Zagreb - before important business meetings.

Do not wait any longer, book a room at the International Business Hotel - and enjoy top Croatian dishes.